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Cyprus Homebuilders Construction and Repair Services Guarantee

The Cyprus Homebuilders Construction and Repair Services Guarantee involves a seamless customer experience and your complete satisfaction, as our two top priorities. We stand behind strict business ethics, and we comply with the highest business standards for your projects.


At Cyprus Homebuilders, we don’t simply sell services – we provide custom solutions to meet your needs for every particular home construction or repair challenge. You can expect up to a 5-year guarantee for property repairs, and up to a 10-year guarantee for new property construction (based on your particular project). 


Construction and repair service guarantee in North Cyprus


Our comprehensive Cyprus Homebuilders Guarantee is our promise to ensure your satisfaction for every aspect of your project. Here is what you can expect when you engage in a property construction or repair job contract with us:


Builder’s Guarantee

Every homeowner that contracts with Cyprus Homebuilders receives the following builder’s guarantee:

  • A detailed outline of the tasks associated with each project;
  • The highest quality of construction services;
  • Long-term repair solutions for existing property;
  • Particular construction materials selected based on the project;
  • An efficient timeline we expect to follow (except in the case of unforeseen circumstances);
  • Qualified and experienced workers selected for the unique customer application;
  • A carefully supervised process for the entire job;
  • Post-job work area evaluation and cleanup;
  • The highest-quality workmanship at the most reasonable price.


Cyprus Homebuilders Customer Satisfaction GuaranteeHomeowner Guarantee

Every homeowner that contracts with Cyprus Homebuilders receives a Service Guarantee on the property construction and repairs listed within the contract for the tasks to be carried out by the company. The guarantee term is specified for each separate service accordingly.


Post-Project Availability Guarantee

The company guarantees to be accessible and available in case the homeowner needs to make contact after construction and repairs have been completed.


Post-Project Problem Guarantee

The company guarantees to promptly address any construction or repair problem that may arise after the work as described in the contract has been completed.


At Cyprus Homebuilders, you receive the service level and workmanship you deserve for your valuable North Cyprus property. Contact us today for a free consultation for your next construction or repair project.

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