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Amazing Benefits of Converting a Shower Into a Wet Room

Convert shower to wet room in North CyprusIf you have lived in your home in North Cyprus for a number of years or you just purchased a fixer-upper to turn it into your dream house by the sea, now may be the perfect time to consider a modern combination bathroom and shower, more commonly known as a wet room.


A wet room has all the features of a bathroom with a shower but it combines the elements of each to create a stylish, economical space that is completely waterproof. A wet room eliminates the need for a shower screen enclosure and shower tray (pan). The open floor plan of a wet room is also attractive to new buyers in today’s market.


Great Advantages of a Wet Room:

1.   A new and efficient wet room design adds value to your home and attracts new buyers.

2.   Suited for the generations, this walk-in wet room floor plan requires no steps, doors, and other obstacles that may be difficult for youth or senior citizens.

3.   A wet room is tastefully suited for any style of home, new or old, and the conversion often creates more space. Achieve a contemporary new look, even in a historic space.

4.   This open-floor wet room concept is generally a great option for both small and large spaces.

5.   Homeowners find wet rooms easier to maintain, with no shower screen or shower tray cleanup required after every shower.

6.   A wet room is a cost-efficient solution compared to an expensive tempered glass shower screen or the labour involved in building and tiling a shower tray.

7.   The tile flooring in a well-built wet room adds structural soundness. When properly built, the floor is sealed and better protected from water and abrasive elements that could seep into the floorboards.


While the benefits in a shower-to-wet room conversion are significant, there are a few points to consider if you decide on this redesign.


The Importance in Hiring a Professional

Repair shower in Northern Cyprus! Installing a wet room is not a job for an amateur. You need an experienced professional to do the work so the outcome is everything described above !


Not only is a gradient needed along the floor to channel the shower water into a drain, but also the entire shower area must be waterproofed. A gradient should be designed by dropping the floor level towards the drain, and then the space should be tiled to perfection.


In addition, the waterproofing process involves priming and treating the floor, lower walls, and entire area around the shower. As well, proper wall insulation is extremely important for this naturally wet bathroom environment. In some cases, the wet room door threshold may need to be raised slightly to accommodate the possibility of standing water. As with any upgrade or construction project, hire the best in the business to ensure quality workmanship that lasts.


Points to Consider Before a Shower Conversion

Before you commit to a shower-to-wet-room conversion, there are a few points to consider in such an upgrade:

  • In a small bathroom area, this open shower concept may involve some overspray; thus you may want to consider a glass screen to separate the wet room from towels, furnishings, and room décor.
  • Always hire a specialist who is familiar with the waterproofing and insulation processes.
  • Floor-to-ceiling tile can add to bathroom upgrade expenses, but this is a necessary benefit for a perfect wet room conversion.
  • Porous stone used on walls and floors requires more maintenance. This is why ceramic tiles might be a better choice for your wet room, especially given the abundance of colours and textures available in specialized DIY shops.
  • If you remove a bathtub in order to create a shower-style wet room, it could affect the resale of your home. Many families with children require a bathtub. If you have a second bathroom that includes a bathtub, you have nothing to worry about.


Take your home into the next decade. Let Cyprus Homebuilders make your bathroom and shower into a modern and beautiful wet room for you to enjoy for years to come. Check our tiling service page and contact us today for a free quote!


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