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Comprehensive Swimming Pool Repairs in North Cyprus

  • Do you own a swimming pool in the TRNC that leaks due to: defective insulation, a cracked water-collecting channel, or a pool balance tank issue?
  • Is your swimming pool tilting or cracking because of substandard construction or poor soil compaction?
  • Is your swimming pool channel overflow uneven, affecting the cleanliness of the water surface?  


If you have a leaking or defective swimming pool, the result can be disastrous. You may experience continual dilapidation, a loss of water, a pump that runs dry, and an ongoing observation and maintenance headache.


Swimming pool repairs in North Cyprus


Swimming pool issues are generally the result of the following types of problems:

  • substandard original construction or previous repairs;
  • soil that was not properly compacted upon construction and caused tilting;
  • defective insulation of the pool shell;
  • poor construction of the water-collecting channel;
  • faulty balance tank.


In any case, Cyprus Homebuilders knows how to evaluate your swimming pool problem and present a solution that will last. 


Solid and Accurate Repair Process

When local construction companies in the TRNC do not have the necessary equipment to make accurate ground level measurements, homeowners end up with swimming pool issues such as an uneven overflow or chemical related pool edge erosion. At Cyprus Homebuilders, we make it our responsibility to investigate every aspect of your pool before we propose a plan and proceed with any work.


Whether we are providing new swimming pool construction or a swimming pool repair project, we ensure accurate measurements and the highest quality materials and workmanship for satisfactory results. We give attention to both aesthetics and function when it comes to your outdoor spaces, helping you select the best materials available in North Cyprus at the most reasonable prices.

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Why Choose Cyprus Homebuilders?

1.  At Cyprus Homebuilders, we have over ten years of experience in construction and repairs of swimming pools. This achievement has given us a high degree of expertise in every aspect of building and repairing swimming pools. We never cut corners, and we offer the most sensible, current techniques using only use the finest materials available. You receive professional and competent service every time!


2.  We understand the value of this essential luxury given the high temperatures in the summer months, and we ensure your pool is both functional and attractive to meet your needs and enhance your property as well. After a comprehensive onsite inspection, our professional team will propose a plan including a detailed quote to build or repair a swimming pool that will withstand the test of time.


3.  We provide a full warranty on all work completed. If you are not completely satisfied on completion, we will resolve any matter promptly and courteously at no additional charge.


Consult with Cyprus Homebuilders regarding a swimming pool leak, tiling defect, or pool construction issue right away, before serious water damage takes place. Contact us today to investigate any issues with regard to your pool or overflow channel, and receive a free on-site assessment.


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