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In-Ground Swimming Pool and Patio Construction in North Cyprus

If you are thinking about building an in-ground concrete swimming pool for your villa in Northern Cyprus and you are looking for a reliable experienced contractor to complete the task, you are in the right place. Cyprus Homebuilders has been working in the pool construction business for fifteen years and builds top-quality pools that comply with the highest European standards.


Build a swimming pool in North Cyprus


Homeowners and homebuyers love a swimming pool, and it is the perfect upgrade for our warm and humid North Cyprus climate. After a long day on outside, there is nothing like a refreshing warm-water pool for dipping your toes, swimming a lap, or relaxing by the moonlight. Not only that, you can expect a swimming pool to increase the value and desirability of your home should you ever decide to part with it. Take a swim, and then lounge away the evening on a custom tile patio. Cyprus Homebuilders can help you design a soothing and carefree swimming pool and patio surround for the entire family to enjoy.


In-Ground Concrete Swimming Pools Built to Perfection

Our thorough preparation for each project and careful step-by-step implementation is crucial. Unlike many local pool contractors, we genuinely care about your project's success as well as our company's reputation. When we construct a swimming pool in the TRNC, we complete it to the highest standards.


The materials in your new swimming pool including terrace (insulation, adhesive, tiles, etc.) are to the highest quality available on the market. Both the pool and the terrace are constructed using proper preparation techniques such as correct soil compacting, and reinforcements made with the correct standard of metal bars so as to avoid cracks and sunken patio tiles.

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At Cyprus Homebuilders, we pay extra attention to all measurements to ensure a perfect level and even overflow pool when constructing a water collecting channel. The correct size balance tank and properly installed pool mechanics will ensure you do not lose any precious water when the pool is usable.


If you want your dream pool to become a reality and make it problem-free for many years to come, contact us now for a FREE no-obligation meeting with our pool construction expert.


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