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Balcony Waterproofed in Lapta

Project Description:

Upon assessment, our team was able to detect moisture penetrating from the grout of the outdoor balcony of this Lapta villa. The seepage was affecting the corridor and the downstairs bedroom, as the inside walls were wet and the paint was flaking. Mould was present, leaving an unpleasant odour inside the home. The team would first carefully dismount the air conditioning units. The balcony tiles were removed and the concrete was cleared. The balcony surface was re-concreted and waterproofed with special insulation material, retiled, and regrouted with precision. The air conditioning units were reinstalled. The interior and exterior villa walls were repaired and touched up as needed.


Project Challenges:

  • Preparing the space in advance was a delicate operation, as the team wants to ensure no other issues arise from poor planning.
  • The issues from dampness were serious, and every detail had to be addressed including the mould and lingering odours. The team knows exactly how to deal with this unwelcome situation.


See below how our company efficiently waterproofs open balconies in the North Cyprus climate:

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