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Courtyard House Refurbished in Famagusta

Project Description:

An old courtyard house in the historical center of Famagusta had not been occupied for a long period of time. Upon thorough inspection, our team was able to determine the degree of severe damage caused by dampness and then design an overhaul plan. The house interior and exterior walls were completely stripped and a damp course implemented. The exterior walls as well as the house interior walls were replastered and repainted. The stone arches and walls were fully restored, and new tilework was applied to the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen backsplash. The kitchen and bathroom units were repaired. The result of this courtyard house project included protection from future dampness and a clean and refreshed space for the homeowner.


Project Challenges:

  • Severe dampness would require a thorough and well thought out damp course to remedy the current issues and prepare the space to withstand the elements for years to come.
  • Complete resurfacing and sealing was required for both the exterior and interiors of the house.
  • Diligent teamwork was required in order to maintain consistency that would flow from inside the house into the courtyard resulting result in a durable and aesthetic outcome.


Take a look at the pictures below to see this courtyard house refurbishment in North Cyprus:

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