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Terrace Damp Repaired in Kayalar

Project Description:

This beautiful home with a pool in Kayalar was surrounded by dampness problems, mainly because of a poorly built terrace and the absence of insulation. Our crew was able to strip the tiles in order to reveal catastrophic electrical conditions that could have resulted in the loss of the house. A proper repair and concealment plan was devised to remedy the terrace and prepare the house to withstand the elements well into the future. Our crew stripped all tile, cleaned and prepared the surfaces, and properly installed insulation and electrical systems. New tile and travertine edges were placed. The final cleaning and painting touches were applied to the interiors and exteriors. The result was complete repair and sealing of this fine terrace, in which the homeowners were very pleased.


Project Challenges:

  • Assessing the damage where poor workmanship is involved is always a challenge and requires some dismantlement.
  • Sharing bad construction news is disappointing to a homeowner, but the team knew how to handle it.
  • The project would require a complete repair plan in order to fix the issues, and every detail was extremely important in order to remedy the situation and ensure the homeowner that these problems would be resolved permanently.


Take a look at the pictures below to see how Cyprus Homebuilders efficiently manages terrace damp:

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