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Grand Stone Wall Project in Alsancak

stone wall built in Alsancak, North Cyprus


Project Description:

This project in Alsancak is one we are truly proud of—a grand landscaping project to turn a wild forest at the back of a villa into a lush green leisure area. Beautiful pathways and landscaping features were used to connect the new area to the backyard, and an exquisite stone wall was built as a focal point and functional dividing element on the property.

With two terrain platforms, huge supporting walls, pathways and steps, a new drainage system, a hidden water tank, and breathtaking landscape design carried out with help of a professional garden center, it was a fabulous addition to the existing villa!


Project Challenges:

  • Thickly bushes and shrubs would require our skilled professionals to reconstruct the hillside while maintaining the splendor of the trees and surrounding area.
  • The landscape covered quite a large and sloping area, requiring a dedicated crew that would need adequate time and equipment for a successful completion.
  • The grand wall stonework was intricate and required skills craftsmen that would spend weeks to create this work of art.
  • In between construction phases, massive amounts of dirt, stone, trees, and debris kept the team busy, but the outcome was pristine. 

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