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Holiday Villa Painted in Lapta

Project Description:

After careful assessment, it was clear that a professional paint job was needed for this two-story holiday villa in Lapta. New paint requirements are typical for most houses in North Cyprus over time. The exterior villa walls were cracked, and the paint had become dirty and discolored. The woodwork needed to be refreshed. Unfortunately, several previous painting mistakes were the cause of some of the distress and needed to be resolved. Our crew provided the homeowner with an assessment and detailed plan. The walls were cleaned and repaired followed by a primer and durable exterior paint made to last. The corners and columns were richly painted in contrasting colours for aesthetic interest, and the woodwork was treated with special protective stain. The outcome was an appealing, water-tight home, designed for wear and weather.


Project Challenges:

  • The two-story construction required our versatile crew, experienced in blending finishes and enhancing exteriors to withstand the elements.
  • The woodwork was specially treated and weatherproofed with a high-end protective stain.
  • The finishing touches to the columns required our precision workmanship for an attractive outcome.

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