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Kitchen Extension Built in Malatya

Project Description:

A 16 m2 kitchen room addition was built on to this Malatya villa, creating extra space for dining and entertaining. A lovely beamed wooden ceiling was added along with plenty of wood cabinets for storage. Rich wood-framed windows and a wood-framed sliding glass door were installed for aesthetic purposes and added plenty of light and an outdoor feel. A stunning marble floor finished off the room and created a space where the homeowners could enjoy fine cuisine with a view. The team was able to complete the project in only four weeks.


Project Challenges:

  • The overall addition was built from scratch to attach to the existing villa structure, and the project was promised in only four weeks time.
  • The kitchen room exteriors needed to match perfectly with the villa exteriors, and the team knew just how to blend the two.
  • An existing stone foundation had to be cut and prepped for the room addition and the construction made to fit perfectly in the space.
  • The new floor marble had to match the original kitchen flooring, so exactly the same marble tone and pattern was found and specially ordered from Turkey.

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