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Leaking Pool Repaired in Malatya

Project Description:

A lovely small Malatya pool was leaking water. We first prepared and assessed the pool to identify the sources of the leak. Once we could identify a prior construction mistake, the challenges were minimized. We completely stripped the old tiles from the surfaces. All of the former cracks were filled with high-quality materials. The pool was reinsulated and then fully retiled by our team of experts. At the end of the project, the repaired and finished Malatya pool was just like new.


Project Challenges:

  • A thorough evaluation process was required in order to assess exactly where the leak was taking place.
  • The pool was losing water from the bottom, so proper assessment and follow-up workmanship was critical to our success.
  • Construction mistakes from prior workers that lack experience are common and often difficult to find, but the team knew how to spot the issues and fix the problems for the long term.

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