Bespoke Property and  Pool
Construction,    Renovation,
and Repairs in North Cyprus

Overflow Channel Fixed in Karşıyaka

Project Description:

The overflow channel for this Karsiyaka swimming pool was not functioning well. Our pool repair team, after thorough investigation, began by removing the coping stones. The overflow channel filling was cleaned, repaired, and properly insulated. New coping stones in 3-cm thick travertine were placed, and new tiles were fixed under the coping stones. Finally, the filter sand was changed and the pool pump was repaired. The team came together with precision workmanship for every phase of removal and new construction of this pool project. The end result was pleasing for the owners of this lovely Karşıyaka pool.


Project Challenges:

  • Due to poor overflow channel construction in the original design the pool was rapidly losing water from its gullies.
  • The pool had not been used for several years, so the filter sand needed to be changed.
  • The pool pump needed to be repaired.
  • The tile and stonework needed to match the original design.

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