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Overflow Swimming Pool Built in Ozanköy

Project Description:

When our Ozanköy homeowner decided to build a swimming pool, it was clear to them that every small detail mattered in such a project. Our construction work was preceded by a thorough plot review and analysis to identify any abnormalities or foundation issues, which we perform with every pool project.


The owner desired an 8x4m overflow swimming pool with Roman style end steps and a large surrounding trevertine tile patio where they could relax and unwind. The resulting construction work was successfully completed in Ozanköy between June and August 2011, and the homeowners were completely satisfied with the results.


Project Challenges:

  • The pool area at the side of the house was initially a small space where our crew needed to dig and bring in specialty equipment for the pool construction.
  • Access to the pool area was limited and the crew took every precaution not to disturb the surrounding grounds.
  • The property grounds were made up of a mixed type of soil (natural hard and rocky with a soft artificial filling) that created some removal and surfacing challenges.
  • Both water and septic tanks were located in the space where the pool was to be constructed, so some preliminary work was needed in order to relocate those necessary items.


Take a look at the pictures below for our step-by-step pool construction process in North Cyprus:

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