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Spacious Pergola Built in Malatya

Project Description:

A charming 40 m2 round-shaped pergola was added to a Malatya villa to increase the living space and provide the owner with an opportunity to enjoy shade during hot summer days. The owner is an avid florist specializing in cacti and succulents, so the pergola was a perfect way to enlarge the space for growing his favorite plants and flowers. The end result featured a beautiful tile roof, wood support columns for both structure and aesthetics, and a custom metal railing to modestly enclose the space. The team was able to complete the project in only two weeks.


Project Challenges:

  • The unusual round shape of the pergola added some design challenges and required extra time by our skilled craftsmen.
  • Our engineers carefully planned the woodwork design to include angles that would accommodate the pergola’s interesting shape.
  • The owner wanted a solid and durable structure that would meet his business needs and also satisfy his aesthetic demands. 

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