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Swimming Pool Leak Repaired in Alsancak

Project Description:

The pool located on this lovely Alsancak property was leaking and causing a variety of issues. Our team, as part of their initial assessment, began by removing the concrete coping stones. The overflow channel filling was cleaned and all connections were properly insulated. The channel was repaired and reinsulated as well. New coping stones were properly fitted using 3-cm thick travertine, and new tiles were fixed under the coping stones. The pool lights were installed and a new ladder put in place. The end results offered value in terms of function and aesthetics for this swimming pool.


Project Challenges:

  • The pool was rapidly losing water from a point where the overflow channel was connected to the main pool construction.
  • A number of pool elements required repair due to the ongoing leak.
  • New insulation was needed.
  • New pool lights and pool ladder were essential.


Review the photos of our pool leak repair project and get an idea of what you can expect from Cyprus Homebuilders, repairing and refurbishing pools in North Cyprus.

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