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Pool Patio Repaired in Esentepe

Project Description:

A pool patio in Esentepe was in need of skirting repairs and improvements to the drainage system. Our team was able to cut and repair the travertine skirts around the villa and along the stone walls. The travertine edges were smoothed as needed, and the manholes were lowered to the same level. We repaired the drainage system and added a new opening in the wall to direct rainwater into the valley rather than on the property. Upon completion of the repairs, we cleaned and painted the working area to perfection.


Project Challenges:

  • The pool patio was dangerous to the homeowners and their visitors without the proper skirting.
  • Rough tiled edges around the patio were unattractive and did not add aesthetic value to the beautiful Esentepe view.
  • A defective drainage system kept excess rainwater trapped in the pool area rather than properly draining into the valley per city requirements.


View the photos below to get an idea of the project challenges and we were able to remedy the pool and patio issues at this lovely North Cyprus location:

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