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Swimming Pool Refurbished in Lapta

Project Description:

This Lapta swimming pool required a complete refurbishment due to a number of challenges. Once our team was able to assess the damages and identify the problems, the mission was clear. The coping stones and concrete fillet were removed to a level of about three layers of tiles. The insulation was pulled back to expose the original concrete pool shell. The team proceeded to rebuild the pool’s top surfaces using waterproof swimming pool cement. The pool was then re-rendered, reinsulated, and retiled, ensuring an even pool overflow all round. The overflow channel cleaned and the balance tank walls and floor reinsulated.


Additional repairs included a pump room lid and ladder access replacement, refurbished electrical, and new pipe work in order to get this lovely Lapta pool completely refurbished and functional again.


Project Challenges:

  • There was a leak about 4.5 inches below the top of the pool at the location of the seam between the poured ready-mix concrete and the fillet that had been trowelled to raise the height of the pool walls to that of the terrace surrounding the pool.
  • Flooding was a problem during heavy rains that caused undermining of the terrace.
  • The pump room lid was the wrong design and lacked ventilation, which needed to be replaced.
  • An old pump room access ladder was dangerous and was replaced with a functional ladder bolted to the wall. As well, the pool access ladder was replaced.
  • The pool electrical was very poor condition and was modernized.
  • Leaking pipe work had various weak spots and was replaced.


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Hello, can you tell me how much that job was cost?

thank you

Dear Art,

This project was carried out a few years ago, so whatever its cost was at the time, now it is irrelevant. If you are interested in receiving a quote for your pool repairs, we can arrange an inspection visit.