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Rising Damp Repared in Karşıyaka

Project Description:

When our team assessed a rising damp issue in Karşıaka, it was revealed that damp was penetrating the house via the outside terrace grout. The walls were wet on the first floor, the paint was flaking, and damp was seeping through the grout of the interior floor tile. Mould was present, producing an unpleasant odour, and the back side of the kitchen furniture was damaged. This serious case of rising damp required the team to remove 2-3 rows of tile around the house and clean the area down to the main construction. We needed to strip the outside walls to a level where the paint was intact, insulate all associated areas, and apply special insulation materials and techniques. We placed additional insulation on the wall-floor joint, cemented the gaps, and affixed new tiles. We plastered and painted the outside walls and cleaned, repaired, and repainted the inside walls.


Project Challenger:

  • The water damage was significant, but our team was able to get beneath the indoor and outdoor surfaces to carry out an intricate plan.
  • The added problems with mould would require additional steps, but we were well versed in the appropriate actions to remedy the situation and remove any lingering odours.


Take a look at our step-by-step damp proofing process:

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