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Stone Wall and Gate Repaired in Karşıyaka

Project Description:

A large stone wall and gate to a lovely home in Karşıyaka required major repairs in order for it to function properly. The stone wall was destroyed in several places due to harsh windy weather conditions in the winter along with a number of construction mistakes. An iron arch was also responsible for part of the wall destruction, which caused the stone to shake loose and the entrance gate to tilt and prevent it from opening. With a well thought out plan, our team restored the stone wall. We dismounted the iron arch from the wall and planted special reinforcement legs into the ground as a main independent support system. The gate was straightened and reattached, and the arch was mounted and welded onto the iron legs. The stone wall and gate repairs resulted in a sturdy unit made to withstand usage and weather.


Project Challenges:

  • The project included a variety of challenges that required some engineering talent by our team.
  • Precision workmanship and a high level of detail was needed to produce sturdy, long-term results for the stone and iron components.

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