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Sunken Pool Patio Fixed in Kayalar

Project Description:

The patio surround for this exquisite Kayalar pool was in poor condition, with rough surfaces and a dilapidated terrace. These issues resulted in uneven water overflow and various other unsafe conditions. We began with an overall assessment of the damage. The old concrete tiles and coping stones were removed. The patio fill material was cleaned and an undersized cesspit changed out. The overflow channel was leveled and reinsulated. New travertine coping stones were installed, and the entire patio surround was leveled and retiled using special non-slip ceramics. The end results of this sunken pool patio repair project offered safety, beauty, and function for the homeowner.


Project Challenges:

  • The pool patio was in extremely bad condition.
  • A decaying pool edge was unhealthy and dangerous.
  • A sagging terrace was unattractive and unsafe.
  • The pool was not overflowing evenly.


Take a look at the pictures below to see a step-by-step repair process.

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