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Tilted Swimming Pool Levelled in Ozanköy

Project Description:

This Ozanköy pool had literally tilted because of foundation issues, which resulted in a number of new problems. After a thorough evaluation, we began by stripping the old coping stones. Then we raised the pool level and created a new evenly distributed edge. The natural Efes stones from the collapsed terrace were carefully removed. The terrace was levelled and retiled using the original Efes mosaic stones to match the original design. The end results for this pool levelling project included both function and stability for the owners of this lovely pool.


Project Challenges:

  • The pool foundation and surround were comprised of improper soil compacting.
  • The pool, over time, had tilted thus allowing overflow from only one corner of the pool.
  • Part of the terrace had literally collapsed.
  • The mosaic stones would need to be carefully selected and properly installed to match the original design.

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