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Travertine Steps Fitted in Malatya

Project Description:

The front porch tiles of this Malatya villa were old and chipped and needed replacement. The step up from the ground level to the porch was too high. After a thorough evaluation, we recommended stripping the old tiles and adding a second row of steps to facilitate a safer ascent or descent and also improve the function and overall beauty of the area. New travertine stones were fitted into place to seamlessly blend in with the existing stone. Not only was the space improved but also the view was enhanced, and a safer environment was added to the property. 


Project Challenges:

  • A decision had to be made about the best and safest way to handle the high step. Our engineers put their heads together to create a feasible and attractive design to accommodate the issue.
  • It was the perfect time to upgrade the chipped and weathered travertine stones to blend in, and the Cyprus team had the skills to create a perfectly stable and beautiful step surround.


See the pictures below to see how we handled an odd porch step situation and made it into a feature:

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Nice work!
Thanks Lisa! We always strive to do the best work possible.