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Villa Exterior Improvements in Kayalar

Project Description:

The villa owners wanted to alter their Kayalar villa exteriors to improve the space, enhance the aesthetic qualities, and maximize their sea view. After a thorough evaluation, Cyprus Homebuilders designed several simple and inexpensive solutions that would meet their needs and at the same time improve the value of their home. Our team disassembled the existing wall that separated the main house terrace from the pool patio. We installed a new wrought iron fence that would amplify the overall view. Water insulation was applied to prevent future leakage, and the stone walls were finished out with fine travertine edges. The woodwork was stained, and the ironwork was painted to complete the improvements. The owners were very satisfied and now enjoy their ocean view even more.


Project Challenges:

  • Both the teardown and new construction phases required manpower and equipment in some high, dangerous places, but our professionals had the right skills and equipment.
  • Large amounts of supplies and materials would need to be transported onto the deck and into the surrounding spaces, but the task was managed with extra care.
  • Our diverse team had the skillsets needed, from intricate construction to precision finishing.

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