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What Customers Say About Working With Us


In the srping of 2014 we hired Cyprus Homebuilders in order to carry out some odd jobs on our villa. The jobs included:


a) fitting six replacement plastic shower wasters with all necessary insulation and retiling shower floors;


b) excavating ground adjoining damp wall, installing appropriate wall insulation, and making good surface of ground with waterproofed concrete;

c) partial demolition of lounge terrace wall to give unobstructed view of pool and garden, with installation of metal railing and additional travertine.


We can say that the job quality is the best we have so far encountered in Northern Cyprus. Workmen arrived when promised, were polite, and left the site tidy. All work was overseen and supervised by the proprietor.


If you have any questions, please contact us on lalitha.scott[at]


Our pool wasn't overflowing evenly, only from one corner. Dursun and his team took all edgings off and replaced them with travertine coping stones. They sealed gullies and replaced tiles at the top of the pool. It took approximately 2 weeks in March, 2014.



The job was excellent. Our pool now overflows as it should. Dursun called at my villa, took his time, and explained how he would resolve the problem with the pool. He e-mailed me a quote for the job, listed all materials, job description, how long it would take, etc.


Once agreed on the price, job was completed as promised. The work carried out was to an excellent standard. The company kept me informed from start to finish with e-mails and photos. A genuine person - would definitely recommend! For any questions contact us on robinson0046[at]


My swimmimg pool had major leaks in the upper part of the pool around the guttering. Also due to several years not in use, the lower pool had developed some cracked tiles and loose grouting. Pool light fittings had become damaged by the sun.



Cyprus Homebuilders completely rebuilt the upper area of the pool and guttering, using waterproof membranes and quality cement, then replaced the tiles and coping stones with new ones, which matched well with the originals lower down. They also checked the concrete quality lower down and replaced some bad tiles, and re-grouted where necessary. The faulty light fittings were replaced and re-sealed. Finally, the pump was re-fitted and the electric supply reconnected and tested. The pool was filled and its operation tested.


Appearance of the work is excellent, with good finish and good match of the tiles to the originals. All waste materials were removed from site and the area left tidy. To date the pool appears sound with no leakage, so overall the job seems excellent. Pricing seemed fair and competitive. Dursun and Ana were always very helpful and pleasant, and readily contactable. I will gladly provide more information via e-mail. In case you are interested, please contact me on philip.kew[at]


Cyprus Homebuilders have built a large kitchen extension for us at the end of 2013. The work was carried out and completed while my wife and I were on a six-week holiday in Australia. The project was carried out to a very high standard. The whole time we were away, the company was sending us pictures of construction progress, so we knew exactly what was going on.



My wife and I are very pleased with the result and feel it has added value to our property. We highly recommend Cyprus Homebuilders as a contractor for any building job. In case you have any questions regarding our project, feel free to contact us on gpithers[at]


We had damp problems throughout the property that needed fixing. We also asked Cyprus Homebuilders to build us new pool terrace and tile round sills and porchway at front of property. Old terrace was removed and disposed of. Then the entire villa was painted.



We are very impressed with the service.  We were kept informed of the development of the works via photographs. We thought the standard was far more superior to any other work we’ve have seen so far in the TRNC.  No corners cut, a very thorough job including details such as painting the lamps which was over and above the work agreed. Very good afterservice as well, company always willing to revisit to ensure everything is satisfactory.


I would also like to comment on how the company disposed of the old material and also kept the area surrounding the property clean at all times during the works. Nothing was left for us to deal with. Both Dursun and Ana are always very helpful and often provide new ideas and suggestions for improvement that we hadn’t thought of before. Very professional in their business.


We would not hesitate to recommend this company to others needing work done or new work developed.  They are not prepared to cut corners to make a cheaper job and I believe they fully understand the importance of personal recommendations and looking after their staff, which is often lacking here. Despite the very professional job they do, their prices are very competitive.


My sister Sharon who lives close to my property is happy to speak to people on my and her own behalf, having also had work done by the company (tel: +90-533-842-1489).


Our swimming pool was severely leaking, so we asked for a complete re-build of swimming pool internals. The work was undertaken during early 2012. Completion was delayed as exceptional rainfall interrupted works while essential steps had to be repeated many times to ensure the integrity of the completed works.



Cyprus Homebuilders took the time and trouble to ensure the work was undertaken and the outcome was successful. We are very pleased with the results as after five years we haven't faced any leak problems ever since.