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What Customers Say About Working With Us


I inherited an apartment in Famagusta that had not been lived in since it was built in the '70s. The choice was either to leave it derelict or get it refurbished for personal use when we visited Cyprus and for holiday letting when we were not using it.



Without any contacts in Famagusta, even locating the apartment posed a challenge. It was going to need totally gutting and refurbishing if was to be used as envisaged. The superb location, overlooking the Old Harbour, would make it a worthwhile project, if we could find a reliable company to undertake the work - bearing in mind that we live in the UK!


Fortunately, we were introduced to Dursun by an English Estate Agent in Famagusta who was having a house in the Old City rebuilt by him at the time. It meant that we needed to make a quick decision, since he would be able to manage both projects simultaneously and thus benefit from the associated cost saving.


We decided to proceed there and then. Dursun was very helpful in agreeing with the specification and produced a fixed price quotation for what was needed in a very short time and we agreed payment terms. The job was completed within 3 months and by the agreed date, to a very high standard. He has since made some alterations to the entrance etc. and again on time and as agreed.


We would not have any hesitation in recommending him, should you have a project in mind. The finished result can be seen on our website:


It has rented successfully since then without any problems requiring rectification.


Our pool was not overflowing all around and part of the pool terracing had collapsed. The work involved raising the height of the pool to create a new level. This had an added benefit in that dirt now doesn't enter the pool easily.



The collapsed terrace was a problem because the tiles that were already in place – natural Efes stone - could not be found in the TRNC. Dursun managed to repair it by using the tiles he had taken from the pool surround when he raised the pool. I had previously tried to obtain quotes from two other builders, but after site visits I heard no more from them.


Dursun and Cyprus Homebuilders also fixed a couple of problems that we had with water pooling on the terrace without extra charge. Our overall impression of the job done is extremely good.


Last winter Dursun and his team installed drainage, created a small garden area, and relayed travertine to the borders of my pool patio. There were no problems associated with the work that Cyprus Homebuilders carried out.



The initial scoping of the work was conducted thoroughly and a realistic programme of work agreed at an acceptable price.


We had terrible damp problems due to bad workmanship by the original builders. Paint was flaking, plaster was crumbling, and it was a constant job to try to keep the villa looking decent, and also the musty smell that is a feature of damp.



Cyprus Homebuilders carried out damp-proofing work, which involved digging up the outside patios. The work was carried out promptly and professionally. As I recall, the work was completed swiftly and I was sent numerous photos of different stages so that I fully understood the problems and the remedy. After completion of the job, you could hardly tell where they had been from the outside, but inside was re-plastered, painted and made good. A thoroughly professional job! They also carried out remedial work and painting on the roof terrace, and once again, I was very satisfied with the quality of the work. A coat of sealant and a proper paint job to the outside of the villa completed the work, making my property the smartest in the road.


Since then there hasn't been a problem whatsoever and I haven’t seen any flaking paint since completion of the work. Cyprus Homebuilders carried out the work very swiftly, and also liaised with my tenants to see when it was OK  to start, ensuring the least possible inconvenience to them.


Cyprus Homebuilders was recommended to me by a friend living permanently in TRNC, and who I know is very careful who he employs to do his work. I’m, sure we are all aware of the number of bodgers that abound, so I was fairly confident that if my friend recommended them, I was hopefully fairly safe to use them. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. This company works very professionally, with lots of communication and feedback, photos etc. along every step of the way. I am VERY satisfied with every job they have undertaken on my villa and could not recommend this company more highly!


In 2012 we asked Cyprus Homebuilders to carry out some outside repairs as we had decaying pool edging, sagging pool terrace, badly laid tiles, too small cesspit.



We were very impressed with the quality as the work we had done previously was very sub-standard.  Since then we have recommended Cyprus Homebuilders to several other people, some of whom have already had work done by them.


Like many other expats in North Cyprus, we have unfortunately faced several problems with our property: unfinished work by a construction company which built our home, damp problems, pool edging problem, flood damage, collapsed sewers, and storm damage.



Over a period of several years Cyprus Homebuilders have completed the following projects for both our home and properties we look after:

1. Construct a 50m long drive way which was very steep 1:4 from concrete.

2. Roof construction over porch way.

3. Sort out major land slide and construct a stone retaining wall.

4. Replace a 25m brick paving driveway after being destroyed by a torrent of water flowing down the mountain in previous storm.

5. Replace a kitchen after this same storm flooded house.

6. Install a new brick paving driveway approx. 100m square.

7. Construct roadside pavement including kerb stones 100m.

8. Re-construct kitchen after burst water pipe complete replacement of all units.

9. After collapsed sewer, re-routing new pipe installation as pipe was under building and installing new inspection chambers.

10. Similar problem at another property on site collapsed sewer.


Without hesitation we can say that Cyprus Homebuilders are reliable and prompt at dealing with any situation and offer excellent solutions to most problems. To-date all work has been carried out to an exceptional standard.  We would thoroughly recommend them and you may contact us on +90-533-836-1372, we would be happy to discuss any of the work carried out or show you their work.